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Leads & Stats Reporting

Done for you reporting on important business metrics...


> # of new leads

> # of new company contacts

> # of new clients

> conversion rate

> leads per source (Instagram, internet search, etc.)

> month over month comparison



> 17hats levels 2 or 3


Bar Chart


Everything in Basic, PLUS:

> total sales

> average invoice amount

> sales per source

> top 5 paying customers

> repeat customers

> referring customers

> most-sold products / services

> highest-earning products / services

> Instagram followers

> Facebook followers

> # of Google reviews


> 17hats level 3, Zapier & Google Sheets (the last two are free & I'll help set everything up!)


Graphic Shapes

how does this all work?

1. pick your package

Right when you fill out this form you'll be sent a quote from which you can pick your Leads & Stats Reporting Package.

3. setup

I'll get to work setting up your monthly reports, and depending on your package selection there may be a few simple steps on your end for setup, too.

2. provide access

After payment, you'll get instructions for securely providing me access to the platforms your data is being collected from.

4. dive into your data

Your report will be delivered to you via a private link by the 7th of each month... dive into your data and always know how your business is performing.


What platforms do you pull the data from?

At this time it is limited to 17hats levels 2 & 3. However, if you use other platforms like Dubsado, Wix or Squarespace to collect your leads, please add your requested platform(s) to the waitlist and I will do my best to figure out how to get similar reporting available to you!

Should I have purchased one of your 17hats setup service packages first?

No need! While this reporting may involve a couple of setup steps, it does not affect any workflows, etc. that would have been established during setup service.

What is the setup process like?

Immediately upon filling out the interest form you will be emailed a quote from which you can pick and sign up for your stat package. After payment, you’ll get a questionnaire for me to collect some info / give some instructions relevant to your stat package. After a few small steps to take on your end, I’ll begin to put together your personalized report and it’ll be published to a private link emailed to you by the 7th of the following month. 

Do I have to collect payments through 17hats invoices to get the Advanced Leads & Stats Package?

Yes, at this time this reporting pulls sales info only from 17hats invoices. Please add your requested platform(s) to the waitlist if your business isn’t set up this way. 

What is Zapier and is it free?

Zapier is an awesome tool that connects other platforms together. For this reporting it will move your 17hats contacts into Google Sheets (for the Advanced Stats Package). It’s free for up to 100 “zaps” per month.

What if I have 17hats but collect my leads mainly through online scheduling… can I get this reporting?

There is not an opportunity for your leads to tell you where they heard about you via online scheduling, so some of the reporting data could be available to you, but nothing at this time that relates to your lead sources. 

Can I use this sales data for my bookkeeping?

No, this is not intended to replace bookkeeping services. It will report to you many helpful things about your sales but does not include expenses or calculation for fees or expenses.

Can I get a PDF report instead of the link?

Not at this time. The advantage of having the link is that you can bookmark it and view your lead info in real time since it will automatically update every 5 min (Advanced Reporting only).

What if I don’t have my 17hats or Zapier accounts set up as you’ve described above for Advanced reporting?

Nothing to worry about - I’ll take care of that for you!

What if I need to cancel my subscription to the reporting?

Your monthly payments will be considered pre-payment for the next 30 days of reporting. So if you need to cancel you will still receive one final report after submitting your cancellation request.