Lead Source Reporting

Figuring out where your leads are coming from is an important step in your marketing efforts because you want to figure out where your time, energy (and maybe even ad money) is best spent.


know where your leads are coming from to make smart marketing decisions

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Do you ask your customers how they heard about you?

You get me a spreadsheet with a column that has the answers to "how did you hear about us?", and I'll turn it into a chart for you to easily digest and make decisions with. Files securely shared in Dropbox with no account required on your end. 

$47 every 90 days


What's the best way to collect my lead source info?

I recommend using a drop-down selection field to collect this info, because it eliminates misspelling and gives you clean data to work with.

How do I give you access to my contact spreadsheet for Quarterly Lead Source Reports?

Upon signup (and when your quarterly invoice comes due), I'll send you a file request from Dropbox where you can securely upload your spreadsheet.

Does your Quarterly Service include finding the lead sources of all my past customers?

Yep! If you've been tracking that and the info is available in a spreadsheet, that's what your initial report will show. Moving forward, your reports will show you lead sources for the previous quarter as well as the cumulative sources for all of your leads.

What if I collect leads on more than one form?

No problem. As long as there is a spreadsheet with a column for your lead sources, I can combine the data for you into one report. 

Is this the same as Google Analytics?

No. Google Analytics tells you what other sites people visit before they arrive on yours. This report is based on your customers' self-reporting of how they found you when they're filling out your inquiry form.