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Wix Ascend Setup Service

Forms, automations and workflows to help you #stopthescatter and streamline your business, all through your existing Wix account.

what I help with & what it means for you

1hr clarifying call

to talk about your customized needs

forms, saved replies & workflows

streamline your process and encourage repeat business 

automated contact labels

a segmented email list will be ready to go

brand customization

portray a professional brand

conditional rules

get the right info depending on your customers' answers

guidebook + 30 days support + choice of video walkthroughs or 30min meeting

understand your new setup

input all products, services & fees

your info is ready at your fingertips 

automated reminders & confirmations

no more tracking down payments or manually sending receipts

unlock discounts

20% discounted service with yearly updates

investment: starts at $747
(depends on the complexity of your business)

how does this all work?

1. apply

Tell me a bit about your business, your current processes and your goals for our work together.

3. info gathering

You'll be given two questionnaires: one that will help me understand your workflow wishes, your offerings, etc. and another that will guide you through sharing key business info with me.

5. implementation

I'll get to work implementing that plan! Plus, I'll prepare a guidebook of your shiny new setup when it's ready. 

2. commit

When we agree that we're a good fit to work together, we'll seal the deal and start the info gathering process.

4. clarifying call

When those questionnaires are completed, we'll set up a time to chat and develop a customized plan of action to support your workflow wishes.

6. support

In addition to the guidebook and your choice of a 30min meeting or video walkthroughs, I'll be by your side for 30 days of email support as you enjoy your new setup.


Sara, Wisconsin Balloon Decor

“Nicole's workflow and calendar setup is so good! She immediately understood where I could streamline my sales process & improve my customer experience. She did in a week what I couldn't do in five years.”

are we a good fit?

we'll find the best success if:

> you have a solid understanding of your current process & how you want to improve it

> I get timely access to any materials needed for your customized setup

> we keep your clients' experience a top priority and have a bit of fun along the way!


I have a level 2 subscription to 17hats; can you set it up for me?

Because I so highly recommend the level 3 option, I only offer the #stopthescatter setups for those with a level 3 subscription. But I would be happy to walk you through some updates to your level 2 subscription during some Tech Check Calls.

What if I'm more of a DIY-type person?

I've still got you covered! Check out my 17hats for Balloon Businesses course or 17hats Setup Checklist!

What if my account is mostly set up already, but I just need a few pointers?

Awesome! Then check out my Tech Check Calls or 17hats Audit Service to see if either of those are a better fit for where you're at.

What about a discount if my account is already set up a bit?

It's actually easiest for me to work from a blank slate, so I don't offer discounts when accounts are partially set up. I do, however, complete an account cleanup as part of my service for those who need it.

Are the clarifying calls recorded?

No, they are not recorded.

Will you need anything from me during implementation?

I do ask that you are available and responsive to email during the implementation process, as I may have some follow-up questions. So please schedule our time together when you have no planned travel, etc.

How will I know how to use my new setup after you're done?

I will provide you with a guidebook and you can choose between a 30min call or video walkthroughs to go over your new setup after implementation. Plus, I will continue to support your questions via email for 30 days after.

What if I still need help after that?

If the 30 days of support have passed and you are in need of further help, we can set up a Tech Check Call (or calls) to work through the sticking points. 

How long does the whole process take?

That depends largely on the turnaround time of the questionnaires that get sent to you. Once they're complete we'll find a time to talk through any last questions / details and I'll get to work. Setup time depends on the complexity of your business, but is almost always done within 3 days.

Anything else I should know about what is and is not included?

At this time, I do not offer contract/agreement language, bookkeeping assistance or setup of more than one user. This setup service covers one brand, but if you have multiple brands needing setup let's chat about a discount on the 2nd brand!

#stopthescatter app
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