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Tech Checks

Screen share with me over Zoom for personalized advice on how to optimize some of the tech you're using in your business.

What kind of tech can we talk about?

We can work on 17hats, Zapier, Calendly, Google Forms, Excel and / or Google Sheets. More may be added later, too!

Who are these calls for?

These Tech Check calls are for you if:

  • you want to optimize the tech you're already using

  • you want to learn more about some of the tech that could help you streamline your systems

  • you want help making your spreadsheets make sense

  • you're more of a DIY person but just need a bit of guidance

  • tech makes you nervous and you want someone to help you make it work for you

What kinds of things would we accomplish on the calls?

Depends on the platform! But some examples include lead capture forms, workflows, calendars, email templates, tokens, tags, automations, graphs, tables and product naming convention... off the top of my head :)

What's the process?

After you submit your info, I'll update my availability and send you a scheduling link to book our call (or the 1st call of a 3 or 6-call pack). I ask for 24 hours notice for your booking.

When can I book my 2nd - 6th calls, if I've purchased more than one? When do they expire?

So that you can have time to make and experience the changes after each call, I suggest we connect every few weeks for calls 2 - 6. A 3-call pack expires after 6 months, and a 6-call pack expires after 12 months.

Can I just hire you to update my tech?

You can! I currently offer a full setup service for 17hats... learn about how to #stopthescatter here.

Kim, A Floating Affair

I cannot find the words to adequately convey how much I have learned from our sessions... Working with you has allowed me to focus on specific areas of 17hats where I felt I needed help the most and progress at my own pace."


1-hr Zoom session




Three 1-hr Zoom sessions

(save $10/call)




Six 1-hr Zoom sessions

(save $20/call)



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