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I'm Nicole...

she / her / hers;

Sacred Money Archetypes: Accumulator, Ruler, Alchemist / Maverick

...and I dig systems and strategy.

When I look back at the various roles I've played as a coach, marketing coordinator and budget coordinator, there's always been one common thread in my work: setting up systems. 

This is because I just don't think you can build a truly sustainable and scalable business or team without a solid system supporting it.

I value integrity, authenticity and thinking outside of the box.

I like to think that I'm creative, too... but usually with workflows,  spreadsheets and formulas instead of balloons or paint! 

Let me use my analytical and systematic thinking to help you streamline and scale your creative business.

(My left brain + your right brain = a no brainer!)



As an Accumulator, I have a knack for the details and always want to provide the highest-quality service or resource that I can. I work hard to make sure every piece of the puzzle is included and easy to understand, and my I care deeply about doing right by you and your business.

I think every entrepreneur likely has a bit of Ruler energy in them, and I’d say mine took a while to find its footing. After having a couple of other small businesses in the past I’ve finally found what I’m meant for... providing support for business systems, processes and data.


Lastly, the Alchemist and Maverick sides of my personality keep me curious about what else can be done to optimize and streamline systems… outside of the box if needed. I love working with a variety of tools that can support the individual needs of my clients’ businesses!

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