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17h for bb course

This course is going to take you through the full setup of my fictional balloon business: Nicole’s Nifty Decor. You’ll be able to watch and follow along as I guide you through the exact steps I take to automate and streamline all of my clients' accounts.

View step-by-step instructions for setting up Grab & Go Garlands via 17hats' Online Scheduling (with Standard or Premier subscriptions). Includes workflow import codes, email templates, detailed calendar instructions and related resources.

use the same concepts for Elf Bubbles & Pop Drops!

A course that can help you jumpstart your Grab & Go Garlands with a taste of automation and without a CRM!

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Includes the use of six free tools: Google calendar, Square, Calendly, Zapier, Gmail & Google tasks.

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This free mini-course covers:

  • Creating an “inquired” and “booked” calendar

  • Color-coding the calendars

  • How to get job requests on your new “inquired” calendar

  • How to automatically move them to your “booked” calendar

  • Where to add these calendars in online scheduling

  • How to set up calendar cross-checking


Having color-coded calendars will help you quickly see what your schedule looks like, and whether you’re available to take on new requests as they come in.

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