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A Dozen 17hats Branding Tips

If you're a 17hats user, you're likely aware of its incredible functionalities for managing your business tasks. But did you know that you can also incorporate tons of your branding into your 17hats account? Today, I’ve got a dozen 17hats branding tips for you to infuse your brand into your system and provide a cohesive customer experience.

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Here we go...

1. Background: Set the Tone for Success

Start by changing the background of your 17hats screen. This internal tweak lets you choose from a wide variety of colors and textures, creating an inspiring environment for you each time you log in.

2. Subdomain: Make Links Recognizable

Customize the links of your lead capture forms and online scheduler by replacing the default account number with your business name. It's a subtle touch that helps customers recognize your brand.

3. Timezone: The Nitty-Gritty Details

While not exactly a branding move, checking your timezone settings is essential, especially for online scheduling. This will keep your calendar accurate and won’t leave your customers surprised when your automatic reminders are sent.

4. Logo: The Face of Your Documents

Upload your logo with the recommended size to ensure it appears well on your document headers. This is a significant detail that adds a professional touch to your communications.

5. Favicon: A Tiny Mark with a Big Impact

Pay attention to the recommended size for your favicon, too—the small image on browser tabs when you link to your forms or schedulers. It may be small, but it contributes to brand consistency and recognition.

6. Header Images: Tailor Your Documents

If you’d like to dress up your documents beyond just your logo, you also have the ability to select dedicated images for the headers of your documents, online scheduler, and lead capture forms. Size is important here, too, so don’t miss the recommended dimensions. Tailoring these images might include adding your tagline or pictures of your products.

7. Colors: Flow with Your Website

Perhaps my favorite 17hats branding tip, don’t miss your chance to customize the button, font, and background colors of your lead capture forms so they flow seamlessly with your website. These subtle touches add that personal flair to your forms while keeping that cohesive customer experience.

8. Fonts: Style Your Text

Add more flair to your forms by choosing accent fonts and button fonts that represent your brand personality. Be mindful of readability as you choose your colors and fonts, because you’d never want that to be the thing that prevents someone from getting in touch with you.

9. Text: Stand Out with Your Words

Here’s another really cool option: changing the default text on the buttons of your lead capture forms and other documents. Consider creative alternatives to standard words like “submit”. If you’re in the event services industry, perhaps your lead capture form submission button could say “start my party”. Or maybe you like words like “agreement” instead of “contract” or “proposal” instead of “quote”. Make these buttons say just what you want so it feels right for your business.

10. Signature: Personalize Your Emails

Don’t forget to add some branding in your email signatures, too. Consider creating two signatures: one that includes your website link, social handles, logo, etc. that you’ll use for sending regular emails to your customers; and another for the templates that correlate with your documents. (Keep this second signature brief because the document button will show below your signature.)

11. Global Invoice Settings: Don’t Miss the Footer

Drop in your website, email address, tagline and social handles in the footer of your invoices to extend your brand presence to your financial documents as well. Every opportunity to provide that cohesive customer experience is worth it!

12. Client Portal: A Warm Welcome

If it’s part of your subscription plan, you can customize your client portal with a welcome message, cover image, logo, and more. This is a great place for your customers (especially your repeat or recurring customers) to come and view all the projects you’ve worked together on.


There you have it—a dozen 17hats branding tips! Which one was the most fun for you? If you’re ready to see the real power behind this platform, see how we can work together to utilize it, or get 50+ more tips in the 17hats Checklist below!

17hats setup checklist with 17hats branding tips from Let Nicole Help


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