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Why I chose 17hats for my business

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the reason I was finally able to start my entrepreneurial journey is largely thanks to the 17hats platform. For years I dreamt of running a service-based business but I was so worried about piecing together all of the different tech platforms that I got nowhere with that dream.

After getting a look inside my friend’s 17hats platform and seeing all it’s capable of, suddenly starting that business no longer felt out of reach and years later I’m still running strong with 17hats supporting my business every day. Let me tell you in a bit more detail about why I chose 17hats for my business!

reasons I chose 17hats for my business

It provides all of the basic business documents

From lead capture forms and questionnaires, to quotes, contracts and invoices, I’m able to create multiple templates for each of these types of documents and use them in my client projects. Project folders then house all of the documents for any particular client, so there’s no switching back and forth between a lead capture form platform to an invoicing platform, etc. in order to get the full picture of any one project.

But nothing about the capabilities of these documents is basic…

Lead capture forms can be linked to or embedded in my website; they can map to my tokens that I use later in email and quote templates; they apply tags for me that allow me to dig deep into my business; and they’ll initiate my workflow - or in some cases, different workflows depending on options that get selected on the form.

Questionnaires have incredible if / then logic that helps me get just the right info I need from a client without a ton of back-and-forth emails. Plus, they can map to more tokens that I can use in my product descriptions, contracts and more.

Then my clients can access a quote, contract and invoice all from the same button in a single email! And I have so much to say about the flexibility of 17hats quotes, but namely, they allow for customers to make selections that then transform into an invoice. Talk about streamlined!

17hats grows with your business

Having dreamt about this service-based business for some time, I knew that at some point I would also offer appointments with my clients that would be scheduled online. Guess what? 17hats could do that for me, too.

You know how it is when you’re trying to pick a time with someone over email, and dates and times start to get mixed up… add in different time zones... and forget it! With my 17hats scheduler I can send over a link to my clients so they can see my available times and (just as with a lead capture form) I can get the preliminary info I need for the appointment with additional questions; I can start a workflow; and I can even accept payment at the time of booking as needed.

Once again, my clients’ answers, their payments and their workflow will also live inside their individual project folder, meaning there aren’t any tricky integrations needed between a scheduling platform and an invoicing platform. What’s not to love?!

And with the bookkeeping and lead source reports, 17hats helps you grow, too, by showing you your top products / services, your top customers and where they’re coming from. Utilize these reports along with a streamlined client experience and it seems impossible not to grow.

Life before and after 17hats

Before I was introduced to this powerful platform, I just couldn’t find my footing in the entrepreneurial world. Researching all the different platforms for all the different needs of a service-based business was exhausting. So I continued to dream, but mostly I felt stuck.

Now, thanks to some encouragement from that friend who saw my knack for navigating the system, not only have I created my service-based business, but that service has become helping clients discover what 17hats can do for their businesses! I spend hours a day inside the platform customizing workflows, lead capture forms and more thanks to all of the features 17hats offers.

I’m a proud ambassador as well, and the more I learn about the company behind the platform, the stronger I feel about its direction and its ability to support my business needs and the needs of my clients’ businesses over time.

In summary

In summary, 17hats gave me the confidence to start a business because it was ready to support me with each part of my client experience I care so deeply about. I’d love to help you discover how 17hats can support your client experience, too!

Grab 50% off your first year (even after a 7-day free trial) with code “letnicolehelp”, or keep learning with a free download: 17 cool features of 17hats.

Rooting for you!


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