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Options after the lead capture form

Installing a lead capture form on your website and asking the right questions on it is a great step towards providing an efficient customer experience. But what happens after a lead fills out the form? Let’s walk through three options and opportunities that, when leveraged effectively, can enhance your customer experience.

Options after the lead capture form Pinterest pin by Let Nicole Help

1. Displaying a message after the lead capture form is submitted

One of the simplest options, and most often the default option, after your form is submitted is displaying a message to your lead. It’ll serve as immediate acknowledgment of their request and assure them that their inquiry has been received. 

It’s different from an auto-reply email, though, because this type of message displays on the same screen your customer is already on. You can thank them for their inquiry, provide some information on the next steps and remind them to find your auto-reply email in their inbox.

Thank them for their inquiry, provide information on the next steps and remind them to find your auto-reply email in their inbox.

2. Redirecting to a URL following lead capture form

Now if we want to take the post-submission experience up a notch, consider having your lead capture form redirect your customers to a specific URL. Here, you can get really creative! Send them to places like:

  • A social media profile

  • Your link in bio page

  • A resource or pricing page

  • A free download

  • A page with a welcome video

  • Your portfolio page

Any of these ideas will help to further nurture the relationship with your lead and allow them to learn more about you. And not only that! By using the redirect option, you’ll be able to utilize things like Google Analytics to help you track the number of lead capture form submissions you receive versus how many times your lead capture form was accessed. 

Having this kind of information could help you make decisions about your form’s length and how easy it is for your leads to fill out.

However, when redirecting leads to another URL after the form, I suggest you have some messaging available that lets them know what to expect. It could be jarring for some leads to submit your form and watch their browser start taking them to another location. 

When redirecting leads to another URL after the form, have some messaging that lets them know what to expect.

A simple message somewhere above or near the submit button, indicating that they will be redirected to a specific page after their submission, can preempt any confusion and help your potential customer have a positive booking experience with you.

3. A hybrid approach after the lead capture form is submitted

A third option to consider is a hybrid approach. If the message you display after form submission can include linked text, you’ll be able to display your thank you message, next step instructions and provide them with a relevant link for their inquiry! 

Character limitations in the message can sometimes be a challenge, but with a bit of creative and succinct copy you’ll be able to develop a seamless experience that continues to build trust with your potential customer as they move through your booking process. 

This hybrid approach incorporates the benefits of each option by providing that immediate acknowledgment and further nurturing your new relationship.

Post-submission options for your 17hats lead capture form: a deeper dive

If all of this sounds great, but you’re still left wondering how to actually implement your ideas, let’s check out where to find these settings in my favorite CRM, 17hats…

17hats lead capture form submission options

  1. Access your lead capture forms by navigating to Account Settings > Lead Capture Forms (under Account Templates)

  2. Select the lead capture form that you’d like to update

  3. Click the Edit button, and edit again to open up the settings

  4. Look for the “After Submitting” line (highlighted above) and use the drop-down menu to make your selection

  5. Depending on which option you select, immediately below that line will be the Message or URL field (highlighted above) where you can make your updates. If utilizing the Message option, look for the link image if you’re also wanting to provide links to your leads in the message.

Implementing your lead capture form strategy: let's collaborate!

If you need any help setting up these lead capture form messages, URL redirects or workflows that follow, please reach out to see if I can help you #stopthescatter in your business! I love helping entrepreneurs design customer experiences that reflect their business values and personality.


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