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Solopreneur CRM Example: Inside My 17hats

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the CRM of a solopreneur who creates workflows and processes for a living? 

Today, I'm pulling back the curtain to show you some stats from my 17hats CRM account.

laptop for solopreneur work

Here's a peek inside:

Workflow example #1: 59 Templates

Ummm… okay, this number was a bit of a surprise! I knew I had several dozen workflow templates, but now I'm realizing there are several old workflows that I no longer use or need. Talk about a good example of a solopreneur CRM!

This still leaves me with 50+ workflows, though. Here’s some more detail:

  • Service Phases: I split my services into multiple workflows to represent different phases of the project (for example, my #stopthescatter 17hats setup service is split into seven workflows: inquiry, follow-ups, booking, onboarding, fulfillment, offboarding, cleanup).

  • Internal Processes: I'm testing some workflows for internal processes like blog posts by creating checklist-style workflows.

  • Welcome Sequences: Some workflows have been used as welcome sequences for my free resources; I'll be moving these to Flodesk (affiliate link).

  • Workshop Registrations: I have a few different workflow templates that follow registration for the different types of workshops I hold.

Workflow example #2: 50 Steps

The most steps I have in any one workflow is 50! But… I never actually complete all 50 steps. This particular workflow guides me through fulfilling Tech Check call packages, and I delete the phases of this workflow that aren't for the call package my client selects. For example, when someone purchases a three-pack of calls, I delete the phases meant for single calls and a six-pack of calls.

Workflow example #3: A Single Automation Step

The fewest steps I have in any one workflow is… just one! It's an automatic email that invites clients to schedule their monthly call with me after the monthly invoice is paid for 17hats Monthly Support.

6 Calendars

My next example of a solopreneur CRM is about the calendars I have syncing in. Mine consist of the following Google calendars: my default Google account calendar, inquired clients, booked clients, marketing, and Bright Balloon tasks (a podcast that I support); then I also have a 17hats tasks calendar that holds all of my workflow and general to-do items.

Psst - I highly recommend setting up inquired and booked calendars for yourself if you haven't already! Color-coding them is hugely helpful in reading your calendar at a glance. Learn how to set them up for Google & 17hats here!

To-Do List Examples in a Solopreneur's CRM

Similar to the way I have different calendars, I've also created a few to-do lists in my 17hats CRM that remind me to keep up with general business tasks. These lists are: financial, learning, marketing, and miscellaneous. I love utilizing 17hats to-do lists for recurring items like these.

In Conclusion

These are some workflow examples in my CRM as a solopreneur. Are they perfect? Certainly not. I'm still figuring out how to brain dump ideas into a to-do list and then calendar them in more efficiently to actually make them happen.

Am I suggesting you need 59 workflow templates in your CRM? Nope. Workflows and processes can look entirely different across industries, service types, and preferences. I just happen to be the type of person who spends her free time tinkering with automation and workflow capabilities. 

It's a process to discover systems that work for your business and your brain… plus, services change over time so your systems may need updating for that reason, too.

Reach out if you'd like help creating processes that support your preferences!


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