17hats Service Packages

I'm here to help stop the scatter between DMs, emails & phone calls so you can complete more jobs with less hiccups along the way.

I'll create customized 17hats workflows for you that can guide you through each project for every client, giving them the top-notch service they deserve.


for level two or three subscribers... 

> 1hr clarifying call

> import contacts & logo

> calendar suggestions

> brand customization

> input all products, services & fees

> basic workflows (tasks & emails)

> up to 2 lead capture forms

> up to 2 online scheduling services

> 1 questionnaire

> automated email reminders & confirmations

> document templates (quote, contract, invoice)

> video walkthrough once complete

> 3 weeks of email support


Organized Desk


for level three subscribers...

Everything in Streamline, plus upgrades:

> lead source report*

> advanced workflows (tasks, emails, documents, calendars)

> up to 4 lead capture forms

> up to 4 online scheduling services

> up to 2 questionnaires

> other common business to-do’s & client portal setup

> Zapier connection to Google Sheets + 6 months of automated lead source reporting

> 4 weeks of email support

*if the information is available in your contact list


Gourmet Coffee Stand

how does this all work?

1. info submission

Tell me a bit about your business, your products & services, your current processes and your goals.

3. implementation

I'll get to work implementing our plan of action and provide a video walkthrough of your shiny new setup when it's ready. Time depends on responsiveness to follow-up questions, but it is my goal to have your setup completed in one week.

2. clarifying call

We'll get on a video call to go through all your info and make a plan of action.

4. fine-tune

As you get to work using the new system, we might find opportunities to fine-tune things. I'll be available for support on email and/or Voxer, too (depending on your service package).


Do these services include the cost of my subscription?

No. Your subscription is purchased separately. Please let me know if you'd like a recommendation as to what level would help you reach your goals.

What if I'm more of a DIY-type person?

I've still got you covered! Check out my 17hats for Balloon Businesses course!

What if my account is mostly set up already, but I just need a few pointers?

Awesome! Then check out my Account Review Calls to see if that's a better fit for where you're at.

How will I get you my business information?

I'll gather information from you via your inquiry form, your website, a questionnaire and during our clarifying call.

Are the clarifying calls recorded?

No, they are not recorded.

How will you make changes in my 17hats system?

I will need your login information for 17hats. This can be shared during our clarifying call or another method you prefer. 

Will you need anything from me during implementation?

I do ask that you are available and responsive to email during the implementation process, as I may have some follow-up questions. Also, please schedule our time together when you have no planned travel, etc., since I cannot extend my support beyond the designated support time. 

How will I know how to use my new setup after you're done?

I will provide you with detailed video walkthrough(s) of your new setup after implementation, and I can continue to support your questions via email for 3 or 4 weeks after the work is complete (depending on your package selection).

What if I still need help after that?

If the 3 or 4 weeks of support have passed and you are in need of further help, we can set up an Account Review Call (or calls) to work through the sticking points. 

Anything else I should know about what is and is not included?

At this time, I do not offer contract/agreement language, bookkeeping assistance or setup of more than one user.

What if I decide to upgrade my service package (and 17hats subscription)?

If you decide to upgrade within three months of our clarifying call, I'll be happy to use your initial paid invoice towards the cost of the upgraded service, with a $75 upgrade fee since we'll need another clarifying call to make a game plan for your upgrade.