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Getting your business ready to scale with 17hats workflow setup and support, plus processes for customer recognition and email marketing, along with more automations across platforms and growth tracking for a cohesive and thorough customer experience. SOP creation that outlines each part of the process, too!

Ready to upgrade your
entire customer experience?

#stopthescatter + scale service with Let Nicole Help

In this 6-month, individualized service we’re going to work together to not only nail the workflows that help you fulfill your customers’ requests, but also to set up the systems that allow you to deliver a cohesive and authentic customer experience. 

We’re going to cover every aspect of your customers’ journey: 

attracting new customers

delivering excellent service

recognizing referring customers

requesting reviews

encouraging connection

earning repeat business

I know this sounds like a lot…

and that’s because it is!


We’re going to accomplish so much together for your business as we upgrade each part of your client experience over the course of 6+ months.


Each new month will bring a new layer into the experience so that you can fully understand each part of the process and have time to become familiar with it before we move on to the next layer.

All the while, I’ll be by your side with email and WhatsApp support plus monthly Zoom meetings to really dig in. Simply give me your preferences and I’ll make your systems match them!

Nicole from Let Nicole Help

I start the #stopthescatter + scale process with only one client per month because I’m committed to making a difference for you and your business! I want to set you up to feel confident in handling all aspects of your customer experience as a solopreneur...


Or if you already have or want a team, the SOP (standard operating procedures) document that gets created is an excellent way to train them on their role in your business! 

What do you think?! Are you ready to work together to scale your business with a thorough and streamlined, yet gentle customer experience, focused on authentic connections


development to provide a top-notch fulfillment process for your customer + a smooth experience on your end, too

you'll leave this experience with...


streamlined workflows


dozens of process automations


cohesive branding across all platforms


automated email list updates


impressive customization in invoices & emails


income category & growth tracking reports


dozens of email templates at your fingertips


standard operating procedures doc for easy training


reminders to easily upkeep your systems


an email opt-in & welcome sequence


the type of customer experience you've always wanted


a lifelong supporter in me!

tech we'll use...

I’d be so honored to help you upgrade your customer experience to what you desire it to be. 


Inquire today to see if we’re a good fit for making this happen together!​


Sara, Wisconsin Balloon Decor

“Nicole's workflow and calendar setup is so good! She immediately understood where I could streamline my sales process & improve my customer experience. She did in a week what I couldn't do in five years.”

notes & process

1. payment schedule

$997+ to begin my signature workflow service within 17hats (depends on the complexity of your business); $200 each of the next 5 months

4. implementation

I'll get to work implementing that plan! Plus, I'll begin to prepare the SOP doc that reflects your workflow setup. 

7. conclusion

After our 6 months are complete you'll have a thorough customer experience that reflects your individuality as a brand. Plus, you'll have the perfect training / reference document in the SOP (and a lifelong supporter in me)!

2. prep

When we agree that we're a good fit to work together, I'll gather some key info about your business with a questionnaire, then we'll meet for our Clarifying Call.

5. support

I'll be by your side with email and Slack support + our monthly Zoom meetings as we fine-tune your 17hats workflow setup and continue through the rest of the #stopthescatter + scale process.

3. clarifying call

On our call we'll develop a customized plan of action to support your workflow wishes.

6. layers

Each month we'll add a new layer to your customer experience as I learn about and implement more of your preferences for automation, messaging and more. Your SOP doc will continue to receive updates the whole way, too.

We're likely to be a good fit if...

we'll find the best success if:

> you love providing a customer experience that's rich in care and efficiency

> we understand the monetary and time investment involved and are prepared to make this project a priority

> you think of me as a teammate in the process; here to implement your preferences and decisions while staying within the scope of the #stopthescatter + scale process

> we keep your clients' experience top of mind and have a bit of fun along the way!


What tech is involved again?

In the process we'll use 17hats for your workflows (level 3 / Premier subscription only), Zapier (free, up to 100 zaps per month), Mailchimp / Flodesk (pricing varies; referral discount available) and Google Business Profile (free). Don't worry - I'll show you what you need to know in each of them, and you won't need to manage each of them every day moving forward!

What about a discount if my 17hats account is already set up a bit?

It's actually easiest for me to work from a blank slate, so I don't offer discounts when accounts are partially set up. I do, however, complete an account cleanup as part of my service for those who need it.

What if I already worked with you on my 17hats workflows but want to implement the rest of the customer experience systems?

Then I can't wait to work with you again! I do offer discounts for clients who come back for an account update; the discount amount depends on how recently we worked together and how many features have been released since then!

Are the monthly calls recorded?

No, they are not recorded.

Will we meet on the same day and at the same time each month?

If this is your preference please let me know and we can likely make that work! Otherwise, each month I'll be sending an email about what's ahead and the booking link for you to schedule our next call will be included.

Can I have an employee join our monthly calls?

Yes! But I will ask a few things if someone else is joining: 1) that it's only one additional person per meeting; 2) that you take care of finding the right time for you and your employee to meet with me; 3) you let me know who else is joining ahead of time; 4) your employee's presence doesn't replace your own.

Anything else I should know about what is and is not included?

At this time, I do not offer contract/agreement language or bookkeeping assistance within 17hats . Website and social media updates are also excluded from the #stopthescatter + scale service. The service covers one brand, but if you have multiple brands needing setup let's chat about a discount on the 2nd brand! Lastly, there may be an opportunity to add on email marketing & stats support after setup of those portions are completed!

What if I've already set up some pieces of the customer experience?

That's great! Please let me know when you inquire which portions of the customer experience you won't need help implementing and we can adjust our project as needed.

stopthescatter and scale app


6-month investment: $1997+
(depends on the complexity of your business)

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