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Stats Membership

Done for you monthly reporting on important business metrics + quarterly group meetings to strategize!

what stats are included & how they can help

new leads & new company leads

how many sales opportunities you get & whether they're private or corporate requests

total sales & avg invoice amount

how much comes in each month & average payment amount

# of Instagram & Facebook followers

how many are curious and supportive of what you do and offer

# of new customers & conversion rate

whose business have you earned & the percentage compared to leads

most-sold & highest-earning products/services

which products were most popular & which resulted in the highest sales generated

top 5 paying customers

know and appreciate those who've made a big impact on your business

leads per source & sales per source

know where your leads find you, and if they become a customer, how much in sales that channel brings in

# of Google & Facebook reviews

collecting social proof helps convert future customers

repeat & referring customers

who's enjoyed your offerings so much they've come back and/or told their friends about you


mid-year & year-end reports

2 additional reports on top of the monthly reporting


group Zoom meetings to discuss, strategize & talk about workflow improvements

trend data

access to the group's collective trends on incoming leads

example report here!

example report_Page_2-min.png

So, what's needed?

What's needed to participate?

  • level 3 / Premier subscription to 17hats

  • possible small adjustments to your lead capture form

  • free Zapier account (includes up to 5 Zaps or 100 Zap actions/month)

  • free Google Sheets account

And I will get them all interconnected for you!

how exactly does this work?

1. pick your package

Grab a whole year of reporting & membership, or try it out quarterly.

3. dive into your data

Your PDF report will be delivered via email by the 7th of each month... dive into your data and always know how your business is performing!

2. provide access

Follow the instructions inside the membership for securely providing me access to the platforms needed.

4. join the discussioin

Each quarter, the group will find a time to meet & strategize together... talking about the data, workflows, new features and more.

what will this data
do for me?

it could help you discover things like:

1. product names

clean up double entries and  inconsistent naming convention

3. your best customers

who's recommending your services across town and who keeps coming back for more

2. social info

maybe you've forgotten to check for reviews or have a goal based on how many you get?

4. how you get found

could your SEO use improvement? is it time to stop marketing in one channel?


What platforms do you pull the data from?

At this time it is limited to 17hats level 3/ Premier subscription.

If you don't use 17hats but would like to get monthly accountability reminders to stay on top of your data, I'd love to help! Jot down your details here!

Should I have completed your #stopthescatter setup service first?

No need! While this reporting may involve a couple of setup steps, it does not affect any workflows, etc. that would have been established during setup service.

What is the setup process like?

Immediately upon joining you will be directed to the membership where there are instructions waiting that will show you how to give me secure access to the platforms involved. I'll get to work setting up the connections and your reports, and your first one will be delivered after that!

Do I have to collect payments through 17hats invoices to participate?

Yes, at this time the reporting pulls sales info only from 17hats invoices. 

What is Zapier and how much is it?

Zapier is an awesome tool that connects other platforms together. For this reporting it will move your 17hats contacts into Google Sheets. It’s free for up to 100 “Zaps” per month.

Can I use this sales data for my bookkeeping?

No, this is not intended to replace bookkeeping services. It will report to you many helpful things about your sales but does not include expenses or calculation for fees or discounts.

How is the reporting delivered?

Your monthly & bi-annual reports will be delivered via email, in the form of a PDF.

What if I don’t have my 17hats or Zapier accounts set up as you’ve described above?

Nothing to worry about - I’ll take care of that for you!

What if I DO have my 17hats connected to Google Sheets via Zapier already?

Excellent! I may ask to tweak the connections to fit my reporting template, though.

Tell me more about the group calls, please.

Each quarter, the group will vote on the best time to meet over Zoom. The calls will not be recorded, but I'll be taking notes to capture the discoveries, challenges and strategies discussed! I'll then share those notes with the entire group so you can still benefit even if you weren't able to join live.

What if I need to cancel the reporting & my membership?

Your payment below is considered pre-payment for the year or quarter, but if you need to cancel after the initial period you will be reminded of your renewal 7 days beforehand. 

What about workflows?

Oh you know I always like to talk about workflows! Yep, we'll talk about those as a group and I'll come ready with feature & workflow recommendations, etc.

Got another question?
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